One man’s garbage is another man’s gold, but in my case “gasoline” is the operative word. My application of this time-tested technique involves my unavoidable travel to and from work when I ride my moped, Cyclone (Whizzer).Craig in shorts on Cyclone in Compton, California Speedometer of Cyclone with 9999.9 miles displayed
After 10,000 miles, on my 15 mile commute trip from East Los Angeles to West Los Angeles through Downtown, I’ve encountered a lot of discarded recyclable garbage in the gutters and sidewalks. And I have been in the perfect position to help clean it up.
My speed is just slow enough to allow an economical stop along the way to pick-up these gifts of humanity for my own use. Each stop takes only for a few seconds and I am in close proximity to the average “dropping” since I ride in the bicycle lane adjacent to the gutter where most of it ends up.
My saddlebags hold quite a payload if I flatten the plastic bottle or aluminum can down to size. Often times they are already flattened by passing vehicles, but I have to hope that the recyclers don’t think I have re-recycled previously baled items.
After more than a few trips across town like this, I have found that the money from recycling this stuff usually pays for the gas that Cyclone consumes.
So now you know my super hero alter ego, Guttersnipe, proudly doing society some good in my own unique way.