Hello, my name is Craig Lund. My educational background in typesetting, photography, graphics and printing enlightened me enough to see a business potential for me in the late 1980’s with the new Apple Macintosh home computers, graphics software and Adobe PostScript printers like the Apple LaserWriter .

My business CBL Productions Electronic Publishing was established in 1987 with a Mac Plus doing desktop publishing for printing firms in Hollywood. The evolution of computing and development of the internet turned my focus in the direction of motion graphics, web development, animation and video editing. So I’ve learned software such as Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, After Effects, Flash, Flex, HTML, CSS, WordPress, etc.

Then after studying PHP with the book PHP in 24 Hours and learning about Apache on my Mac I implemented my own server set-up for testing the PHP exercises locally.

Having done a few websites professionally and some videos, I switched course and set-up my first e-commerce site CBL Store using MaxStore Theme and WooCommerce plugin. I maintain another site for Wayne Perry and his Sound Therapy Center .

The educational and independent study details are all summarized here.