11901 Santa Monica Boulevard
West Los Angeles | CA | 90025

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Did you know that coffee beans start to spoil 14 days after being roasted and that coffee becomes a diuretic after 21 days of being roasted because it’s rancid? This is why we buy our coffee beans from local purveyors who carefully and lovingly roast their beans daily.

Why 8 Espressos? The number eight is considered lucky by ancient cultures. At 8 Espressos coffee house in West L.A., we pride ourselves on offering exquisite hand-crafted coffee drinks using locally roasted coffee beans. Your coffee beans will never be roasted more than 14 days from the day we serve it to you and you will taste the difference! We have a friendly atmosphere, plenty of seating, free WiFi and lots of parking including underground level parking. For free events, check out our events page!

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