Craig Smiling Here are some Virtual Reality Samples

The professional photography of many Southern California restaurants originally for during early internet years was done by Craig using a fisheye lens, Photoshop and coding with javascript. Quicktime VR or the PT Viewer applet was utilized to stitch together images and display them interactively for a virtual tour inside. Some shots required 2 different exposure settings to be combined in Photoshop for removing washed out exterior window scenes and compositing properly exposed ones with the naturally lit interiors.

Downtown Los Angeles

Highlights tour.

Los Angeles Harbor

From 110 Freeway.

Compton Studio

Resided 1995 - 2007.

Chinese Theatre


Big Jim’s BBQ

Encinitas, old highway 101.

Big Jim’s BBQ Bar

Bar room.

Brunetto’s Italian Restaurant

El Cajon, California!

Coffee Depot

Was a train depot, Riverside.

Coffee Depot Stage

Great for live music.

Coley’s Restaurant

Inglewood, Carribean American cuisine.

Coley’s Bar Room

Chill out here.

Don Cuco’s Restaurant

Mexican cuisine in Newhall.

The Fishery

Shop & Restaurant, San Diego beach.

Nick’s Deli

Close to Seal Beach sand.