Craig Smiling Some timelapse photography

CBL Productions Electronic Publishing

Beverly Hillbilly Shed

Small hillside shed.

Blue Line

A close encounter with the Blue Line train.

Daily Commute

From Compton to West Los Angeles.

Dynamic Sculpture

Stainless steel sculpture.

Meter Cabinet

Custom built cabinet at an apartment building.

Marine Layer

Moving contrary to upper clouds.

Pool Plumbing

Re-routed water lines around a tree’s roots.

Kitchen Renovation

Removed wall for a more space.

Kitchen Cabinets

Counter top, sink, dishwasher, garbage disposal.

Quick PVC Shelves

PVC plastic shelves assembled.

Water Distiller

Solar water distiller being assembled.

Tile floor

Tiling a bathroom floor.

Ornamental Iron Fence

Custom iron fence and gates in Westwood.