Here are some Flex Examples

These are some of my rich internet applications created in the Apache Flex software development kit using ActionScript 3 and or MXML. Requires Flash Plug-in.

Video Library

AS3 & MXML with Flex 3 SDK.


Deep linking, browser Manager in Flex 3 SDK.

Business Card App

Four layouts as you type! Upload logo!

Jet Fighter Game

AS3 & MXML with Flex 3 SDK.

Balance game

Tilt control is horizontal mouse movement.

Print Gallery

My printed designs.

Bubbles Diving Ad

Uses AS3, Flex SDK.

UI Accordion

User Interface - rich internet app.

MP3 Player

Playlist: original and public domain mp3s.

Interactive Tetherball

on bungee has gravity, friction, etc. AS3

Video Player

This RIA UI displays a flash video.

MMA Schedule

A Mixed Martial Arts class schedule.