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Ever since President Cheney and his puppet George Bush “took” office they have been fiercely guarding their secret energy negotiations from becoming public knowledge — in spite of valiant efforts by Congressman Henry Waxman to let Congress and the American People know. Those characters — who want to spy on all Americans but are unwilling to divulge their own dirty secret — probably wouldn’t want anybody to read this simple message. The acronym for “Operation Iraqi Liberation” will give anyone smarter than a fifth grader a clue as to what they are up to anyhow!

It is obvious that the same characters that have been systematically blocking the overwhelming evidence of Global Warming flowing from every sector of science are trying to extend their oily reign over the most excessive energy abusing country: U.S. Let’s all take back our energy policy with distributed energy to empower every American householdliterally. How? Use less gas, get off the addiction to driving, get some solar panels, use net metering, etc.