Flash Icon Here are some Flash Samples

Produced by CBL Productions Electronic Publishing

AS3 Media Player

Has chapter buttons to points of interest. Pop-up chapter text.

AS Player

Auto loads movies from external XML file.

Banner - Drum Lesson

Drum up some business.

Interactive Café Menu

User interface - Flash.

Block Drop Game

Flash AS3

Banner - Marquis

Special event for loved ones PhotoShop and Flash.

Banner - Seamstress

Alterations, repairs, or custom apparel.

Bartender Splash

Sound driven animation with AS.

Game - Bikeride

Ride a bikepath with Sine and Cosine.

Game - Cockroach

Interactive cockroach on a table.

Game - Halloween

Evil pumpkin UI to start, stop and adjust sound.

Game - Happy Valentines

Arrow flies to a beating Heart.

Game - Mouse Catcher

Cat and mouse - Flash.

Game - Parallel Universe

Interactive AS2 dynamic mask reveals a portal.

Game - Potato Head

Make potato head with animated parts

Buy American

We should all do it.

Car Outline

Created with Flash

Christmas Angel

Angel has Christmas message.


Flower mask on a motion path.


Handwriting effect - Flash

Happy Birthday

Motion path, outer glow, embedded font, drop shadow.


Created with Flash Professional 8

Interactive Interface

Modern look SWF player.

Interactive - Ad Blimp

Displays your typed blimp message.

Interactive - Tim Tadpole

Roll the nuclear dice!

Interactive - Xray Glasses

See through clothing with these glasses.

Metallic Logo

Created with Flash.

Merry Christmas

Banner with audio.

Happy Holidays

Holiday Banner with audio.

Feliz Natal

Banner in Portuguese with audio.

Three D Tire

3d footage - Flash.