Stopping terrorist strikes

as random and unexpected as lightening is difficult.

Let's not give up our freedom, but replace the seeds of terrorism with a campaign of democratic prosperity and freedom for all the oppressed and suffering peoples worldwide. Grievances don’t just go away when you SMASH the greived.

US Flag GlobeThe enlightened and civilized world is with “US”! We can’t live in constant fear.

Our liberty cannot be compromised! A would be terrorist idea may be prevented if there is hope for change in the struggle they represent through peaceful democratic processes and a continuing dialog. Freedom of speech and life in liberty -- without overwhelming struggles, but opportunity for the pursuit of happiness -- cultivates a much better environment for everyone.

This film I assembled with Adobe Premiere, combines some of my rotoscoping work done with PhotoShop on the “lightning strike” and “fireball in hand” scenes as well as the eyeball iris closeups that represent the mind of terrorism. The footage of a tree branch being blown off with primer cord was filmed live.

The midi music & presence sounds were all composed in CubasisAV software or created by voice. The wall of fire in the background was very real gasoline ignited inside a large pvc pipe. The exploding car was done with dynamite, all filmed by me several years ago with an old 8mm movie camera on Universal City’s back parking lot.

Then it was digitized by an old low resolution “QuickCam”. Also in attendance there was a special effects class receiving a demonstration of various explosive special effects.