The Muf

Revolutionary Ergonomic Product

Necessity is the mother of invention.

This infomercial came about from the need for a way to avoid the catastrophic crippling effects of cold hands. The long term result of those atrophic effects could be arthritus, and carpel tunnel syndrome. Warm comfortable conditions would be a welcome sight for hands that suffer untold hours of quiet agony while remaining relatively motionless at times, glued to a mouse as you wait for the computer that you are a slave of like your cell phone is an electronic leash around your neck! This motionlessness leaves your hands in a sedentary state, inviting bone chill and reduced circulation to the extremities--namely the tips of your fingers--causing numbness, as well as breakdown of muscle cells and other atrophy problems.

Whether it is a deadline for a report you must meet or lots and lots of mouse action, your poor hands are stuck in the middle forced to weather the often cold environments of an office with little in the way of defense. If you have ever rubbed your chilly hands and thought about gloves but don't want to hamper your typing dexterity and accuracy, perhaps this new product is just the thing for you. It is more like a mitten than a glove, a very large mitten called THE MUF.

Watch the video for more information. It is a large file, so you dial-up modem low bandwith types could go put on some gloves, grab a cup of coffee and watch our exhaustive report on THE MUF.