After Effects Icon Here are some demonstration After Effects clips

Produced by Craig B. Lund, dba CBL Productions Electronic Publishing based in Los Angeles, California

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This 18 second video shows off some of the powerful special effects tools we use in our AfterEffects post production work.

All That Jazz

Ken Burns style.

Animated Paths

Stroke effects on Illustrator paths.

Channel 2 ID

3d News ID.

Corporate Logo

3D Invigorator and Sparks.

Dance Studio Logomotion

Dance studio motion graphics.

Dark Motives Titling

Opening credits.

Direct Voltage ID

Website video credit.

Distributed Power Generation

Text animator, ramp, drop shadow effects.

Electric Train

Lightning and Cycore Particle Systems effects.

Feliz Ano Novo

Cycore PS Classic and fireworks effects.

Figure In Textfield

Features animated text, displacement map.

Happy New Year

Cycore PS Classic and fireworks effects.

Harbor Cruise

Paddleboat ride in Long Beach.

J & C Lumber Logo

Exotic wood textures to a latin beat.

LA HiRise Ad

Sample spot for a fake TV series.


Logo motion with sound.

Music Video

Chromakey, digitized 8mm footage.

Random Letters

Random text effects.

Raining Text

Raining text effects.

Sci-Fi Club Logo

Clouds, lightning, sphere unboxed.

Silent & Dry AC

AC work described.

Sound Driven Animation

Features sound driven effects.

Stop Global Warming

A sample public service announcement.

Style Commercial

A 30 second sample Ad with original music.

Style Commercial 3

A sample 30 second Ad.

Surfer Suffers

A sample 3d Freeze Frame Title.

Talking Turkey

Witty targeted turkey.

The Muff

Fake infomercial.